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    Jing said its non-haze, as the idea of moving from innovation

    Posttime:2015-03-31 10:04:00

    Sometimes, an absurd solution to prove the seriousness of the problem itself. For example, it was suggested that the electromagnetic field configuration in Beijing underground adsorption of pollutants, also suggested in the air built huge sprinklers to wash dirty city.

    In order to create a healthy living environment, construction companies Orproject London seems ready to gamble, proposed a crazy idea: to create a huge bubble of solar greenhouse.

    Orproject company co-founder Christopher Clay Willamette lived in Beijing, he said: "Every day we live with fog and haze, I want to build a greenhouse botanical garden, which is creative in a small space can be achieved, but we hope to be able to cover large areas of Beijing. "

    Orproject company made excellent use of malleable plastic tetrafluoroethylene build the arch building or greenhouse bubble. 2008 Beijing Olympic Water Cube venues is top with tetrafluoroethylene, it strengthened the lighting inside the Water Cube, the control room, is expected to save 30% of energy consumption.

    The material is used in both the famous Eden Project in the UK, where a collection of almost all plants in the world. Orproject company hopes to reproduce the idea of the construction of the Eden Project in the Botanical Gardens, and therefore rendering their projects look undulating, geometric textures mimic the structure of the air film butterfly wings and leaves of context.

    In the same space can create different micro-climate, such as an end is a tropical rainforest climate, the other side is the Arizona climate. The greenhouse will use solar cells to power devices including air purifiers, including.

    Clay Willamette think the biggest challenge is not the bubble greenhouse construction difficulty, and to persuade the Chinese government and developers to accept this idea.

    Bubble greenhouse Orproject think a public project developers to undertake commercial projects, we should also promote public projects. But the Chinese government to limit the number of buildings on public land, greenhouse bubble might like parks, but it is still a closed space.

    (Excerpt from Qi River Morning)

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