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    1.Give customers enough enthusiasm, respect and care.


    “Customer is God”. That is true, especially for service. Whether pre-sale service, mid-sales service or after-sales service, we respect our customers and the customers’ demands, and care for our customers and provide our service actively with our enthusiastic working attitude.



    2.Help customers solve various problems


    Whether single product or our service, customers’ troubles are our troubles – think everything for the customers



    3.Make quick response to customer demands


    When our customers express their demands, we can quickly respond to their demands at the first time – do everything for the customers.



    4.Adhere to the philosophy of “customer orientation”


    We select some professional service staff and dispatch them to our service points to realize zero-distance communication with customers. During the customer service, we follow the philosophy of “customer orientation” to care for customer demands. Only thinking and behaving with the customers as the start point can we give advice and suggestions to our customers. Only taking “helping customers” as “happiness” can we satisfy our customers with our energetic state



    5.Provide professional high-quality service continuously


    Just as a saying goes: “It is easy to do a good deed, but it is hard to do all your life". So does the service. We can provide our customers with high-quality service as well as long-term, even lifelong high-quality high-efficiency service. Our employees’ service awareness and professional knowledge and our service items’ diversification and systematization embody the professionalism of our service. Strict and personalized service management guarantees our professional quality, which brings us a good reputation.



    6.Do everything for customers


    To put ourselves in the customer’s position is the premise of “customer orientation”. In our service, “trans-positional thinking" is the important requirement of our service thought. To put ourselves in the customer’s position, we must think and understand the customer’s opinions in the customer’s position, know what the customers want and what the customers don’t want, and provide timely satisfactory service.



    7.Provide personalized safeguard service


    Perform digital customer management, carry on one-to-one health information and training, and personalized high-quality service such as product recommendation, etc., and provide safeguard service such as e-mail, telephone interview, etc.