Friday, November 17, 2017

Rim Rockers Complete Collection Reward Ruby Overall 88 '02 Kobe Bryant

So it finally happened. Since my addiction playing the NBA 2K MyTeam game mode years ago, I've earned my first Frobe (Younger #8 donning Kobe Bryant with a fro).

I've never found it important to get Frobe since 2K will inevitably release a higher gem Kobe virtual card later, however this year, Frobe is a rewards card which makes him rare and not as exhausted in online gameplay. 

Rare v-cards come with a hefty price tag though. It's going to either cost you a lot monetarily or take a lot of your time to earn the necessary MT to get this card. For me personally, the entire Rim Rockers collection cost me over 400K MT. This is by far the most MT I've spent for just one card. Call me foolish, but what can I say, I'm a HUGE Kobe fan.

I will share some gameplay soon. I  just wanted to post something quick about my latest Laker squad addition. Pretty exited to cheese his 97 contact dunk and 92 speed with ball attribute ratings.

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