Tuesday, May 9, 2017

NBA 2K18 - Shaq Making NBA 2K17 Gaming Community Rumble!

It's official, Shaquille O'Neal is on the "Legend" edition cover of NBA 2K18 which will be available for early pick up on Sept. 15th (4-days early) if you pre-order. Check out this funny video. Great job NBA 2K team! It's always fun to see Shaq and Kobe together again, albeit a video game promo. It doesn't matter, Laker fans will take it. The Shaq/Kobe era is definitely missed.

Since this announcement, there's so much that's happened in the NBA 2K17 gaming community!

NBA 2K17 released an overall 99 Free Agent Shaq card (4 contracts). Just enter in the above locker code and he's yours. NBA 2K17 also has three exclusive 10K MT Moments Challenges. This is a fun way to earn 30K MT while using the most dominating center the sport has ever seen.

NBA 2K17 has also announced two pre-order options for early tip-off access to next years game. Click below for more information.

This week has been an EPIC week for Laker and NBA 2K17 fans! I wish I can keep this card permanently for my Lakers squad!

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