Sunday, March 5, 2017

On My Radar - Diamond (94) Deep Shooters Jerry West

Just take my money NBA 2K17. For those of you like me who are budget gamers, this Overall 94 Diamond Deep Shooters Jerry West is the closest you're going to get to his Overall 99 Pink Diamond Rewards counterpart.

This card is definitely on my radar. I currently have 60K MT saved and I'm in the process of selling several Amethyst single pack card pulls. This card will be in my ultimate Lakers squad very soon! In fact I sold my Overall 92 Amethyst Lockdown Jerry West card to help build my MT. He sold quickly for 45K MT.

Granted, this diamond card isn't as effective defensively as his Lockdown card but his offensive consistency is killer at 95. I need deep shooters in my lineup and with his 93 open shot 3pt this diamond will help Byron Scott coming off the bench. 

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