Thursday, February 16, 2017

Diamond James Worthy now a 98 overall!

Like I said in my previous post, Lady Luck is on my side. Recently the NBA 2K17 Blog informed its gamers of a Valentines Day themed "We Love You" game update. One of the big changes added is the rating scale change to all diamond and pink diamond cards. Diamonds now range from 93-98 while pink diamond cards are now reserved for the 99 overall players. With that being said, Diamond Worthy went from an overall 95 to an overall 98!

So in a matter of a week my Lakers starting lineup upgraded to new dynamic duo cards and now an overall 98 Diamond Worthy! If only I can win online using this squad. :)

Also, I saved enough MT to pick up overall 90 Amethyst All-Star Weekend Mikan. This version is a weaker counterpart to his overall 97 Diamond rewards card but I'll definitely take it! It was only 24K MT off the auction market. 

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