Saturday, February 18, 2017

Grinding it out to get Weekly Challenge Diamond (95) Willis Reed

Diamond (95) Willis Reed is now in my collection. What does this really mean? Well, we're inching closer to the ultimate Weekly Challenges Rewards Card - Pink Diamond (99) Elgin Baylor to add to our Lakers squad. The only card left ahead of us is Diamond (95) George McGinnis.

A little about Willis Reed - In the 1969-70 NBA season Reed became the first player in NBA history to be named the NBA All-Star Game MVP, the NBA regular season MVP, and the NBA Finals MVP in the same season. Reed was best known for playing a pivitol part to stopping the Lakers in the 1970 NBA Championship. In the first four games of that seven-game series, Reed averaged 32 ppg against a very strong Lakers team which included Lakers big man Wilt Chamberlain. Reed was able to contain Chamberlain to just 19 ppg.

Then in Game 5 Reed suffered a severe thigh muscle tear. In a Reed-less game 6, Chamberlain went off and scored 45 points and grabbed 27 rebounds, consequently forcing a game 7. No one expected Reed's return and all hope went out the window for Knicks fans.

With the help of a Cortisone shot and Reed's relentless will to compete, a hobbling Reed suited up for game 7. Reed with limited playing time was able to yet again contain Chamberlain and help the Knicks win their first title.

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Kobe dunking on Pippen while Jordan watches in awe

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Diamond James Worthy now a 98 overall!

Like I said in my previous post, Lady Luck is on my side. Recently the NBA 2K17 Blog informed its gamers of a Valentines Day themed "We Love You" game update. One of the big changes added is the rating scale change to all diamond and pink diamond cards. Diamonds now range from 93-98 while pink diamond cards are now reserved for the 99 overall players. With that being said, Diamond Worthy went from an overall 95 to an overall 98!

So in a matter of a week my Lakers starting lineup upgraded to new dynamic duo cards and now an overall 98 Diamond Worthy! If only I can win online using this squad. :)

Also, I saved enough MT to pick up overall 90 Amethyst All-Star Weekend Mikan. This version is a weaker counterpart to his overall 97 Diamond rewards card but I'll definitely take it! It was only 24K MT off the auction market. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

New Dynamic Duos for Magic/Kareem and Kobe/Pau!

I am now at peace. As Phil would put it, I've found my zen. My ultimate Lakers squad is complete, at the moment. Of course I still have my eyes on other cards like pink diamond Elgin Baylor. So, here it is...My starting lineup (I believe) consists of the all-time Laker greats at their respective positions.

This squad is absolute fire for those of you who are creating their Lakers squads. Again, my one regret is not picking up diamond Mikan when I completed historic domination. At the time, I didn't think I was going to create a Lakers team. Oh well. I've done the research and there are other ways of earning him albeit very tough paths.

I digress and I will wallow with the players I currently have. :)

As an added bonus, NBA 2K17 MyTEAM recently added dynamic duos for Kareem/Magic and Kobe/Pau. 

I've shared some 1st quarter online gameplay of me debuting those dynamic duos. You'll also see how dominant Kareem's skyhook is. I ultimately lost the game by 2 but my opponent was really good and had a better lineup. I don't mind losing against great players. There have been online comments about how difficult it is to green release Kareem's skyhook. While I agree, it does take some practice to time his signature move perfectly as you'll see in the video clip.