Saturday, January 7, 2017

Will the real Mel Counts please stand up

Not knowing who Mel Counts is (his Lakers career was well before my time) I assumed he was the correct player shown on his Lakers Historic Card. Apparently it is not.

This is how I discovered the honest mistake by NBA 2K17. I played Mel Counts for the first time and to my surprise his player looked nothing like his card image. So I did some research. NBA 2K17 has correctly illustrated Mel Counts in his actual gameplay version but they used the wrong image for his Historic card. I believe this is how it happened. As I was researching Mel Counts I came across this photo. Does it look familiar? This is the same image NBA 2K17 used for their card however the getty images photo caption is incorrect. That is not Mel Counts high-fiving Kareem; That is Spencer Haywood high-fiving Kareem who BTW also wore the #31 jersey.

You're welcome NBA 2K17 :) 


  1. I noticed another error, too. The in-game photo for Ruby Steph Curry is a quasi-current shot of Vince Carter.

  2. Interesting. I'll have to check it out. I wonder if NBA 2K17 reads their twitter feed about these errors and plan to fix them in the next patch.