Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pink Diamond (96) Rewards Elgin Baylor

Ever since I've put all of my time on building just my Lakers squad in MyTEAM, it's a lot easier to focus on certain cards. This pink diamond rewards Elgin Baylor is definitely on my radar now. I just learned that this card can be obtained simply by completing the Weekly Challenges. I wish I would have discovered this sooner since I've lost several weekly challenges opportunities. 

To get  this card you'll have to be little patient as it comes just after you've earned diamond George McGinnis. Here is the Weekly Challenge Rewards in case you were wondering:
  • Robert Pack / Sapphire / 84 Overall
  • Michael Cooper / Ruby / 87 Overall
  • Kevin Johnson / Amethyst / 92 Overall
  • Willis Reed / Diamond / 95 Overall
  • George McGinnis / Diamond / 95 Overall
  • Elgin Baylor / Pink Diamond / 96 Overall
  • Bob Pettit / Pink Diamond / 98 Overall
So if my math is right and I complete the weekly challenges from this point on, I should have this card by the first week of May. Patience is of the essence.    

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