Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pink Diamond (96) Rewards Elgin Baylor

Ever since I've put all of my time on building just my Lakers squad in MyTEAM, it's a lot easier to focus on certain cards. This pink diamond rewards Elgin Baylor is definitely on my radar now. I just learned that this card can be obtained simply by completing the Weekly Challenges. I wish I would have discovered this sooner since I've lost several weekly challenges opportunities. 

To get  this card you'll have to be little patient as it comes just after you've earned diamond George McGinnis. Here is the Weekly Challenge Rewards in case you were wondering:
  • Robert Pack / Sapphire / 84 Overall
  • Michael Cooper / Ruby / 87 Overall
  • Kevin Johnson / Amethyst / 92 Overall
  • Willis Reed / Diamond / 95 Overall
  • George McGinnis / Diamond / 95 Overall
  • Elgin Baylor / Pink Diamond / 96 Overall
  • Bob Pettit / Pink Diamond / 98 Overall
So if my math is right and I complete the weekly challenges from this point on, I should have this card by the first week of May. Patience is of the essence.    

Saturday, January 28, 2017

NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Jeremy Lin Moments Challenge

NBA 2K17 is now giving gamers the opportunity to win special rewards player cards from Moments Challenges albeit an overall 89 ruby Jeremy Lin. As of recent, rewards cards were much harder to get. Just for one example, you have to complete weekly challenges (5 challenges per week) to earn challenge tokens and after collecting your 5th challenge token (25 completed challenges in total) you get your hard-earned prize. Obviously, the more rewards cards you get through these challenge tokens the better the next rewards card gets. I'm currently aiming to get overall 95 diamond Willis Reed.

There's other strenuous ways of earning special rewards player cards but to see that NBA 2K17 MyTEAM has changed it up a bit to make it a little easier for gamers to get these cards is great.

This particular Moments Challenge is helping ring in the Chinese New Year by revisiting the "Linsanity" era where Lin had a double-double (28 points/14 assists) back on Feb. 19th, 2012 (at home) vs the defending champion Mavericks, snapping their 6-game winning streak at the time.

Lineup Restrictions: None
Requirements: Win the game and get 20 team assists
Reward: Overall 89 Ruby Jeremy Lin Rewards Card
Difficulty: Superstar
Quarter Length: 4 Minutes

Here is a recap of Jeremy Lin's spectacular streak of unbelievable games through his Linsanity era as a New York Knick courtesy of Clyde Graffix...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

10K MT Moments Challenge: Carmelo Anthony - 20 Hours Left To Complete!

NBA 2K17 MyTEAM has released the latest BIG MT reward Moments Challenge. If you want to earn a quick 10K MT you better act fast! You technically only have 20 hours left.

This particular Moments Challenge is reliving Melo's 62-point performance at home vs Jordan's Bobcats back on January 24th 2014. To earn the 10K MT you'll have to score 62 or more and win the game.

Lineup restrictions: Use Melo and any two Knicks players
Difficulty level: All-Star
Quarter length: 6 minutes

Watch every field goal made from that night below...

Monday, January 16, 2017

Just Pulled Amethyst Moments Russell Westbrook

This just happened...an Amethyst Moments Russell Westbrook pull from a single League pack. With this pull NBA 2K17 now only owes me $300 in pack rip-offs. J/K :)

I just sold this card for 35K MT. Nice quick sell to inch my way closer to Kareem's Big Men card. He's still easily going for 100K+ in the auction house. Crazy.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Will the real Mel Counts please stand up

Not knowing who Mel Counts is (his Lakers career was well before my time) I assumed he was the correct player shown on his Lakers Historic Card. Apparently it is not.

This is how I discovered the honest mistake by NBA 2K17. I played Mel Counts for the first time and to my surprise his player looked nothing like his card image. So I did some research. NBA 2K17 has correctly illustrated Mel Counts in his actual gameplay version but they used the wrong image for his Historic card. I believe this is how it happened. As I was researching Mel Counts I came across this photo. Does it look familiar? This is the same image NBA 2K17 used for their card however the getty images photo caption is incorrect. That is not Mel Counts high-fiving Kareem; That is Spencer Haywood high-fiving Kareem who BTW also wore the #31 jersey.

You're welcome NBA 2K17 :) 

Monday, January 2, 2017

My First Diamond Shoe!

I made the decision to stop building my card collection. I think reality sunk in that I would never get pink diamond Kobe. I simply don't have the time nor money to invest on such a challenge. The upside to all of this was selling my big gem cards and building my MT. In fact I was able to build my MT to 100K+!

Honestly the main reason I stopped at 1100 cards was because I had earned the final MT reward at that level and I already have amethyst historic Kobe. That card is great in itself. Yes, having his pink counterpart alongside pink diamond Jerry West would be awesome but I'm already strong at the one with Magic and like I've mentioned, historic Kobe plays very well for me.

So, the only thing left to do was to start creating my all-time Lakers squad with my mound of MT. This was perfect timing since NBA 2K17 MyTEAM just released the complete Lakers franchise historic collection with a diamond James Worthy (95) collection reward card to boot!

After attempting to nab "Big Men" Kareem off several bidding wars I gave up and decided to go after the franchise historic Lakers. Can you believe Wilt is going for 200K+?! Kareem is going for a modest 150K+ MT. I can't compete with that kind of fire power.

I was able to grab all historic Lakers except for Jamaal Wilkes who I intentionally did not purchase since his price tag is dropping by the minute. I'm looking to capitalize by getting him cheap soon to complete the collection and get my diamond Worthy reward.

BTW - having this new Lakers lineup is so much fun to play with online. I conveyed my online losing frustrations in a recent post but since then I am in domination mode having won 6-straight in the Sapphire League. This feat earned me a diamond shoe (see video above). The diamond show is the Converse Chuck Taylor which boosts +9 hands/+9 mid shot/+9 Speed with ball. I applied this infinite shoe to Magic. He could use the extra speed boost!

Let me know what you think about these diamond shoes. Apparently I can potentially win more as I climb the MyTEAM online league.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Lakers Lineup

After grinding it out to get my 1100th card, I finally got my last MT reward. So, what do you do with 40K MT to spend? Grind it out some more to get another 50+ cards or just YOLO in the new year by picking up a big gem card?

Screw it, I went ahead and purchased an auctioned amethyst historic Magic for just under 50K MT. I had to sell several more cards to get to that needed 50K MT but it was well worth it. This was my second biggest card purchase given I've only done this for one other player - Ruby Moments Curry. My luckiest pack opening pull however came in the hands of an amethyst historic Kobe so it was only fitting that I get his predecessor to compliment my Lakers squad.

It's actually VERY fun to play my Lakers lineup online. Opponents get a kick out of me reliving the showtime era with Magic's signature no-look dimes. When I use my elite squad online I often find myself playing against similar cards so to break the monotony I occasionally use this Lakers lineup.

My current Lakers lineup as shown above: 1) Magic 2) The GOAT 3) Big Shot Robert Horry 4) Sleepy Sam Perkins 5) The Flop Vlade Divac 6) Coop 7) Gold Moments Swaggy P 8) Emerald Moments Lou Williams 9) Nick Van Exel 10) Rick Fox 11) Lakers (current) team collection reward Darrall Imhoff 12) Gold Moments Julius Randle 13) Rudy Larusso.

I have Dick Barnett (83) on rotation with Larusso. Below are all other Lakers that can be picked up for cheap or for high MT - for instance, you can grab Wilt for 100K+ if your bid is high enough. I just checked and there's a current bid of 222K!!!

Full MyTEAM Lakers collection as of 01/01/17 courtesy of 2KMT Central

I have my eyes on rubies A.C. Green and Byron Scott. How does NBA 2K17 release Laker Historic Dwight Howard over Shaq? Haha.

My one regret in this game was picking up Diamond Ben Wallace over Diamond George Mikan as my Historic Domination reward player. If I would have known I was going to create my all-time Lakers squad I would have grabbed Mikan. Dang it!