Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ruby Rewards Michael Cooper (87) Unlocked

So now that Ruby Rewards Michael Cooper is unlocked, I see the new 5 Challenge Token Amethyst Kevin Johnson card peeking at me. Man, what a great card to have at the 1. This game is exhausting, the more you unlock, the better the cards get.

Here is Ruby Rewards Michael Cooper's attributes courtesy of 2KMT Central:

They say defense wins games so this card should help in that department. I already have Diamond Ben Wallace, Ruby Charles Oakley, and Ruby Dennis Rodman in my elite lineup. My overall defense meter is at 99.

Now I need scorers. I'm still looking for that Ruby Stephen Curry card. I may have to resort to getting him off the auction house but it sucks to lose that much MT on just one card. We'll see.

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