Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ruby Rewards Antoine Walker (89) Unlocked

Slowly but surely I will get to Pink Diamond Kobe! Haha. Thanks to this week's MyTEAM Moments Challenges I was able to inch my way to 801 collection cards. This feat unlocked Ruby Rewards Antoine Walker (89).

This card will make my elite starter lineup for sure. For Walkers Ruby player attributes click below courtesy of 2KMT Central

Ruby Rewards Antoine Walker (89) Player Attributes

Let me know if this card is still on your elite squad.


  1. Let's see... this was posted a month ago and at this point for me, it is not. Jerry Lucas is my elite PF, and I'd rather go for a little defense so I like Ruby Dennis Rodman as backup right now.

  2. My one regret so far is not choosing Mikan as my Diamond reward card when I completed the historic domination. He would've definitely enhanced my Lakers squad. I chose Wallace for whatever reason. Dang it.