Friday, December 16, 2016

New NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Hassan Whiteside and Aaron Gordon Moments Challenges

This week NBA 2K17 MyTEAM has released two new Moments Challenges. The MT Gods are listening to our Twitter voices! One of the biggest difficulties in MyTEAM is not getting enough opportunities to earn MT. Now, it seems that NBA 2K17 has been releasing big MT Moments Challenges on a more frequent basis. This is great news for gamers on a budget like myself.

Moments: Hassan Whiteside - MT Reward 8K
This one is definitely tougher than the Andre Drummond challenge last week where you had to pull 20 boards and win the game. This time, you'll have to pull down 22 rebs using Hassan Whiteside and win the game of course.

Tips - NEVER TAKE WHITESIDE OUT OF THE GAME! You only have 6-minute quarters so you'll need him for every one of those minutes. Shake4andBake has a great tip where you pick and roll with Whiteside and then have him cut towards the basket when you shoot deep three's. This will put Whiteside in prime position for those important offensive rebounds. I didn't find this little tidbit until after I had already beat this challenge the hard way.

PS4 Instructions
Press the triangle button to get Whiteside to cut to the basket and then press the circle button to cancel the pass! Then shoot and Whiteside cutting to the basket should get the rebound! Credit: AdBradTY for the video.
Unfortunately I had to solely rely on defensive rebounds which is why I had to play Whiteside for all 24-minutes. In fact, he had 18 rebounds late in the 4th so I purposely kept the game close just in case I needed more minutes, which in this case I did. So after forcing an OT, I was able to grab 4 more boards and win the game. 

Moments: Aaron Gordon - MT Reward 8,500
This challenge was a doozy for me for some reason. You're put right into the 3rd quarter being down 9. The trick is you'll have to score 16 with Aaron Gordon and comeback to win the game. I struggled with this one. It took me three tries. For some reason, I couldn't play a lick of defense and the Clips destroyed me behind the arc. I was able to put Gordon to the line but he only makes FT's with solid greens. He's not the best shooter but a fantastic dunker.

Finally I was able to gain an early lead which gave me early confidence to go to Gordon more. This allowed me to score 10 in the 3rd and the remaining 6 in the 4th and win the game.

I was able to buy a lot of cheap cards off the auction house with the 16,500 MT from these challenges. Thanks NBA 2K17! Keep'em coming! 

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