Thursday, December 22, 2016

New NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Christmas Moments Challenges Out This Week

Again, thank you NBA 2K17 for releasing more Moments Challenges! This week gamers can potentially earn a total of 36,500 MT!!! This is huge! Let's take a look at these unique Christmas Moments Challenges.

Christmas: Rick Barry - Reward 12K MT - Difficulty Level: All-Star
You'll need the Droppin' 50 Ruby Rick Barry card, drop 50 points using him, use any two other Warriors players, and win the game to earn the 12K MT.

I was VERY lucky to have snagged this card off the auction house last night for a mere 21K MT. I wish I can say I had some insight but I honestly just got lucky because this card is easily now going for 50K. I had saved enough MT to finally get Ruby Moments Steph Curry and decided to get his dynamic duo card which so happens to be Droppin' 50 Rick Barry.

Christmas: Bernard King - Reward 6K MT - Difficulty Level: All-Star
Score 60 as a team in a short game and take the W to get the 6K MT. Doesn't sound that difficult if you use your elite lineup so have fun!!!

Christmas: Nate Archibald - Reward 4K MT - Difficulty Level: All-Star
Get 18 team assists and get the W over the Bucks to earn this modest 4K MT. You'll have to use 4 Kings players too. Again, not difficult if you pick and roll effectively. You may have to rely on some perimeter jumpers since this particular Bucks team has Mr. Skyhook himself.

Christmas: Michael Jordan - Reward 2,500 MT - Difficulty Level: Pro
Play against the GOAT and get the win. Doesn't sound too hard, especially given the difficulty level but then again, you ARE playing against the GOAT so don't choke and chuck your controllers.

Christmas: Wilt Chamberlain - Reward 6K MT - Difficulty Level: All-Star
Get 36 team rebounds and the W to earn the 6K MT. I really don't know why I struggle with challenges that require a high number of boards. I personally may have issues with this one.

Tip: Use the pick and roll and force your big men to cut towards the rim when you shoot your jays. This will put your rebounders in prime position for the easy o-rebs. D-rebs will be entirely up to you and your defensive settings.

Moments: Demarcus Cousins - Reward 6K MT - Difficulty Level: All-Star
Use any Cousins player to begin the second half and score 31 points using him. Not too hard BUT you'll also have to come back from being down by 12. These are 6-minute quarters BTW.

This stupid challenge is crazy hard for me. I've tried 5 times already and only gotten close once. If you have any tips please share in the comments section below. I am desperate for advice.

These are GREAT Christmas challenges for gamers over this long holiday break. Have fun and earn that 36K MT!

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