Wednesday, December 7, 2016

NBA 2K17 MyTEAM New Moments Challenges Out This Week

Finally! Thank you NBA 2K17 for releasing new MyTEAM Moments Challenges this week. This is such a great opportunity for gamers to earn decent MT. In these four challenges you can potentially earn a total of 39,500 MT.

Moments: John Wall - 10K MT
You are rewarded 10K MT if you are able to win the game and match John Wall's 52-point game vs. the Magic while using any John Wall card plus two additional Wizard player cards. For those of you that own a John Wall card, go after this challenge ASAP!

Moments: Andre Drummond - 7,500 MT
This challenge is a difficult one and should be a 10K MT reward. NBA 2K has only given us 5 minute quarters to crash the boards for 20 using Andre Drummond. You'll have to play two other Pistons players too...oh and win the game.

It took me two tries to mark this one complete. My recommendation is to play Drummond in all 20 minutes of the game or until he reaches 20 rebounds. You have to play him manually to get the best inside position for those boards. Be aware of the 3-second rule when camping near the rim.

At one point I was even thinking about intentionally going to OT just to get the additonal minutes but luckily I was able to grab that final 20th rebound late in the 4th quarter and immediately take Drummond out of the game. The biggest challenge for me was to not only grab those needed 20 boards but to also keep the lead close enough to force an OT if needed.

Moments: Droppin' 50 Terrence Ross - 10K MT
You can earn another 10K MT in this particular challenge. You would have to win the game and match Ross's 51-point game vs. the Clippers. The unique lineup restriction is you have to use a Droppin' 50 Terrence Ross player card. If you don't already have this card, you will lose more than you profit just to be eligible for this challenge. Good luck with that.

Moments: Klay Thompson - 12K MT
Now, with this challenge you are in luck. Win the game, score 60 with Klay and use two other Warriors players. I can safely say that most of you already have Klay's current emerald card because you've pulled him 300 times in League packs and you're most likely using him for the dynamic duo attribute ratings boost along side Curry.

I was like white on rice for this 12K MT challenge. I exhausted Klay in all four 10-minute quarters playing most minutes with him. Luckily I was able to score 62 using an exasperated Klay and win the game on my first attempt. I used all 12K MT in the auction house. I spent no more than 500 MT on fished cards which means I was able to add over 25 new cards to my collection. Some of you will go the more entertaining route and entrust your MT in the pack Gods or maybe snag several big gem players in the auction house. I guess it all depends on what your objective is in MyTEAM.

Good luck with these challenges fellow gamers! Let us know is you agree that MyTEAM should release new Moments Challenges more often.

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