Sunday, December 4, 2016

Just One More Challenge Token For Ruby Michael Cooper (87)

Once I get my hands on this Ruby Michael Cooper rewards card, he'll definitely be the best card at that SG position. Playing him will upgrade my starters to an improved sapphire-less squad. I just hope the next set of challenges aren't too difficult. It sucks having to purchase contracts when you've gotten so close to meeting a challenge.

As I watch YouTubers pull high gem cards from box packs, I can't help but to think how they're able to collect so many MyTEAM cards so quickly. I mean, some vloggers already have 1600 cards to their collection. Crazy. As of this morning I proudly have 646 cards and that's with limited gaming time. Most of my MyTEAM cards I own have been purchased from the auction house at bargain MT while others I've earned as rewards or have gotten from packs.

I digress, this Ruby Cooper card will be fun to play with for sure. Click below to see his attributes courtesy of 2KMT Central.

Ruby Michael Cooper Rewards Card 

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