Saturday, December 24, 2016

Diamond Contract Cards and Throwback Super Packs in Black Market

I know I'm late here but I just found out about the black market today. Where have I been? I have to thank @DrewTowers909 for making me aware of these mysterious packs!

In case you live under a rock like I apparently do, here is how to access the black market. Go to the Packs/Buy Packs menu and simply set aside your controller for the next 30 minutes. Do not navigate out of that menu. After 30 minutes press the back button. You'll automatically gain access to the black market.

Currently in the black market you can purchase up to three diamond infinity contract cards for 15K VC each and/or up to three Throwback Super Packs at 18,750 VC each.

The Diamond Contract Card adds infinite contracts to any player when applied. You only get three of these so be extra cautious with your selections. The Throwback Super Packs contain 1 player and 4 items with a guaranteed chance of collecting a historic player from the Mavs, Nuggets, Clippers, Bucks, or Bulls.

I didn't bother purchasing any Throwback Super Packs but I definitely took advantage of the diamond contract cards. I think the biggest challenge for me is determining which players to use them on.


  1. I hear you. I discovered the black market purely by accident myself. I had already been thinking about plunking down some money to buy Pacers throwback packs (my favorite team) but when I saw those diamond contract cards, I committed early. :)

  2. Be sure to apply them on cards you intend to keep. I've waste one diamond contract card by accident when I sold the card I applied it to. No wonder it wold fast. Yikes. Lesson learned. The other two diamond contracts are allied on my Kobe and Magic amethyst cards. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sam.

    1. No problem. :) I'm sticking them on some Diamond Rewards cards I use all the time. I put one on Diamond Reward Willis Reed simply because he's the best center I've got and probably will be for a while. Saving one for Diamond Reward George McGinnis because he's one of my favorite all-time players. Holds turnover records that won't be broken unless someone is allowed to touch the ball that much. :P I may I'll use the other the first Pink Diamond I get.

      At the very least everything I buy I keep. Investing in the cheaper Ruby players in special sets is a good idea.

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