Thursday, December 22, 2016

Amethyst Kobe Bryant (91) Holiday Bonus Card!

WHAT?!!! Holy cowzolla! NBA 2K17 has just released the only Kobe Bryant card that will be the closest to his Pink Diamond counterpart - and they're calling it the Holiday Amethyst Kobe Bryant Bonus Card. With an overall 91 rating, this card will no doubt be showcased online quick.

Folks, if you're going to spend some dough on VC now is the time to do it. I just spent $39.99 on 200K VC over at (not getting paid to mention them). They are currently selling NBA 2K17 VC at a discounted price so hurry and pick some up for cheap. Click here for more info.

This card is a bonus League pack card, meaning you can grab him (if extremely lucky) plus another player card all in one pack. Trust me, I am going shopping right after this post for League boxes.

I hope you guys get lucky and pull this great big gem Kobe card!

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