Sunday, November 6, 2016

My NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Designs

In recent titles, NBA 2K elevated their game by giving players the creative freedom to customize their team's court, team logo, and jerseys.

Any graphic designer/gamer absolutely loves this option. Kudos to the NBA 2K team for giving us this option.

Check out my new design for NBA 2K17 above. With last years title, I couldn't afford to pick up Steph Curry in the auction blocks and I didn't have any luck picking him in packs so I made it a personal mission to pick him up early. Mission completed.

I snagged him early in the auction house for $10K MT and pretty much designed my entire MyTeam around him - hence the Anaheim Splashers team name.

I used "Nothing But Wet" and "Splash Zone" for the court trim text and designed a basketball splashing in water for the team logo. I kept it in theme by using the letters "WET" as my teams abbreviation.

Also, I designed the arena logo, "3 Point Drains".

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