Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I can't win in MyTEAM Online games

Venting session begins in 5-4-3-2-1...The struggle is real folks. I've spent so much time building my elite squad to play more competitively online but I still struggle to get W's in the Sapphire League. Currently I'm 1-6.

I've studied the best pick and roll defensive settings and I've set my lineup the most effectively I think I can. Take a look for yourself above.

I also have my PS4 hardwired in for the strongest internet connection possible. I just tested it at 174 Mbps (DL) and 29 Mbps (UL) but yet I still experience online lag? When I don't play online I'm pretty solid but when I connect to 2K online servers there's always noticeable lag which always throw off my shot release. It's the most frustrating thing. Strangely enough however, my opponents seem to make all of their shots? My Ruby Moments Curry misses open three's and making a lay-up has become difficult process. It's almost as if I have to get solid greens to get points on the board.

I really hope to get better online for my sanity.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Diamond Contract Cards and Throwback Super Packs in Black Market

I know I'm late here but I just found out about the black market today. Where have I been? I have to thank @DrewTowers909 for making me aware of these mysterious packs!

In case you live under a rock like I apparently do, here is how to access the black market. Go to the Packs/Buy Packs menu and simply set aside your controller for the next 30 minutes. Do not navigate out of that menu. After 30 minutes press the back button. You'll automatically gain access to the black market.

Currently in the black market you can purchase up to three diamond infinity contract cards for 15K VC each and/or up to three Throwback Super Packs at 18,750 VC each.

The Diamond Contract Card adds infinite contracts to any player when applied. You only get three of these so be extra cautious with your selections. The Throwback Super Packs contain 1 player and 4 items with a guaranteed chance of collecting a historic player from the Mavs, Nuggets, Clippers, Bucks, or Bulls.

I didn't bother purchasing any Throwback Super Packs but I definitely took advantage of the diamond contract cards. I think the biggest challenge for me is determining which players to use them on.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas came early! I just pulled Kobe's Holiday Amethyst Historic Card

You need to understand one thing about me - I am a HUGE Kobe Bryant fan so pulling his Holiday Amethyst Historic Card from a single League pack is bringing me back to my childhood memories of this time of the year!!! Thanks Santa!

I'm still in shock that this overall 91 Kobe card is in my collection!

I want to also thank @NBA2K_MyTeam for the retweet!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Amethyst Kobe Bryant (91) Holiday Bonus Card!

WHAT?!!! Holy cowzolla! NBA 2K17 has just released the only Kobe Bryant card that will be the closest to his Pink Diamond counterpart - and they're calling it the Holiday Amethyst Kobe Bryant Bonus Card. With an overall 91 rating, this card will no doubt be showcased online quick.

Folks, if you're going to spend some dough on VC now is the time to do it. I just spent $39.99 on 200K VC over at Gamestop.com (not getting paid to mention them). They are currently selling NBA 2K17 VC at a discounted price so hurry and pick some up for cheap. Click here for more info.

This card is a bonus League pack card, meaning you can grab him (if extremely lucky) plus another player card all in one pack. Trust me, I am going shopping right after this post for League boxes.

I hope you guys get lucky and pull this great big gem Kobe card!

New NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Christmas Moments Challenges Out This Week

Again, thank you NBA 2K17 for releasing more Moments Challenges! This week gamers can potentially earn a total of 36,500 MT!!! This is huge! Let's take a look at these unique Christmas Moments Challenges.

Christmas: Rick Barry - Reward 12K MT - Difficulty Level: All-Star
You'll need the Droppin' 50 Ruby Rick Barry card, drop 50 points using him, use any two other Warriors players, and win the game to earn the 12K MT.

I was VERY lucky to have snagged this card off the auction house last night for a mere 21K MT. I wish I can say I had some insight but I honestly just got lucky because this card is easily now going for 50K. I had saved enough MT to finally get Ruby Moments Steph Curry and decided to get his dynamic duo card which so happens to be Droppin' 50 Rick Barry.

Christmas: Bernard King - Reward 6K MT - Difficulty Level: All-Star
Score 60 as a team in a short game and take the W to get the 6K MT. Doesn't sound that difficult if you use your elite lineup so have fun!!!

Christmas: Nate Archibald - Reward 4K MT - Difficulty Level: All-Star
Get 18 team assists and get the W over the Bucks to earn this modest 4K MT. You'll have to use 4 Kings players too. Again, not difficult if you pick and roll effectively. You may have to rely on some perimeter jumpers since this particular Bucks team has Mr. Skyhook himself.

Christmas: Michael Jordan - Reward 2,500 MT - Difficulty Level: Pro
Play against the GOAT and get the win. Doesn't sound too hard, especially given the difficulty level but then again, you ARE playing against the GOAT so don't choke and chuck your controllers.

Christmas: Wilt Chamberlain - Reward 6K MT - Difficulty Level: All-Star
Get 36 team rebounds and the W to earn the 6K MT. I really don't know why I struggle with challenges that require a high number of boards. I personally may have issues with this one.

Tip: Use the pick and roll and force your big men to cut towards the rim when you shoot your jays. This will put your rebounders in prime position for the easy o-rebs. D-rebs will be entirely up to you and your defensive settings.

Moments: Demarcus Cousins - Reward 6K MT - Difficulty Level: All-Star
Use any Cousins player to begin the second half and score 31 points using him. Not too hard BUT you'll also have to come back from being down by 12. These are 6-minute quarters BTW.

This stupid challenge is crazy hard for me. I've tried 5 times already and only gotten close once. If you have any tips please share in the comments section below. I am desperate for advice.

These are GREAT Christmas challenges for gamers over this long holiday break. Have fun and earn that 36K MT!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ruby Rewards Antoine Walker (89) Unlocked

Slowly but surely I will get to Pink Diamond Kobe! Haha. Thanks to this week's MyTEAM Moments Challenges I was able to inch my way to 801 collection cards. This feat unlocked Ruby Rewards Antoine Walker (89).

This card will make my elite starter lineup for sure. For Walkers Ruby player attributes click below courtesy of 2KMT Central

Ruby Rewards Antoine Walker (89) Player Attributes

Let me know if this card is still on your elite squad.

Friday, December 16, 2016

New NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Hassan Whiteside and Aaron Gordon Moments Challenges

This week NBA 2K17 MyTEAM has released two new Moments Challenges. The MT Gods are listening to our Twitter voices! One of the biggest difficulties in MyTEAM is not getting enough opportunities to earn MT. Now, it seems that NBA 2K17 has been releasing big MT Moments Challenges on a more frequent basis. This is great news for gamers on a budget like myself.

Moments: Hassan Whiteside - MT Reward 8K
This one is definitely tougher than the Andre Drummond challenge last week where you had to pull 20 boards and win the game. This time, you'll have to pull down 22 rebs using Hassan Whiteside and win the game of course.

Tips - NEVER TAKE WHITESIDE OUT OF THE GAME! You only have 6-minute quarters so you'll need him for every one of those minutes. Shake4andBake has a great tip where you pick and roll with Whiteside and then have him cut towards the basket when you shoot deep three's. This will put Whiteside in prime position for those important offensive rebounds. I didn't find this little tidbit until after I had already beat this challenge the hard way.

PS4 Instructions
Press the triangle button to get Whiteside to cut to the basket and then press the circle button to cancel the pass! Then shoot and Whiteside cutting to the basket should get the rebound! Credit: AdBradTY for the video.
Unfortunately I had to solely rely on defensive rebounds which is why I had to play Whiteside for all 24-minutes. In fact, he had 18 rebounds late in the 4th so I purposely kept the game close just in case I needed more minutes, which in this case I did. So after forcing an OT, I was able to grab 4 more boards and win the game. 

Moments: Aaron Gordon - MT Reward 8,500
This challenge was a doozy for me for some reason. You're put right into the 3rd quarter being down 9. The trick is you'll have to score 16 with Aaron Gordon and comeback to win the game. I struggled with this one. It took me three tries. For some reason, I couldn't play a lick of defense and the Clips destroyed me behind the arc. I was able to put Gordon to the line but he only makes FT's with solid greens. He's not the best shooter but a fantastic dunker.

Finally I was able to gain an early lead which gave me early confidence to go to Gordon more. This allowed me to score 10 in the 3rd and the remaining 6 in the 4th and win the game.

I was able to buy a lot of cheap cards off the auction house with the 16,500 MT from these challenges. Thanks NBA 2K17! Keep'em coming! 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ruby Rewards Michael Cooper (87) Unlocked

So now that Ruby Rewards Michael Cooper is unlocked, I see the new 5 Challenge Token Amethyst Kevin Johnson card peeking at me. Man, what a great card to have at the 1. This game is exhausting, the more you unlock, the better the cards get.

Here is Ruby Rewards Michael Cooper's attributes courtesy of 2KMT Central:

They say defense wins games so this card should help in that department. I already have Diamond Ben Wallace, Ruby Charles Oakley, and Ruby Dennis Rodman in my elite lineup. My overall defense meter is at 99.

Now I need scorers. I'm still looking for that Ruby Stephen Curry card. I may have to resort to getting him off the auction house but it sucks to lose that much MT on just one card. We'll see.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ruby Dennis "The Worm" Rodman (88) Unlocked

Ruby Dennis Rodman (88) is here! It took 750 collector cards to get him and trust me he will make my online roster. BTW - the online competition is absolutely outrageous. A normal lineup consists of diamond and amethyst cards now. It baffles me how much time and money gamers put into this game. Kudos to NBA 2K17 for making this franchise game the best basketball game out there. Simply put, there's no competition.

To see Rodman's reward card attributes click below courtesy of 2KMT Central:
Ruby Dennis "The Worm" Rodman (88)

Since we're talking about Rodman, I have to recommend a movie that was released last year titled, "Dennis Rodman's Big Bang in PyongYang". It's actually a decent documentary that sheds light to his contriversual relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un but really what the underlining message of the film is how Rodman's demons take control of his life.

And with his recent run-in with the law where he was arrested with hit-and-run after driving on the wrong side of the freeway, it appears that he hasn't gotten any better. He needs help and we hope he gets it quickly before he hurts himself and others.

On a lighter note, NBA has a Dennis Rodman Career Retrospective video that is really well made. Take a look for yourself...


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

NBA 2K17 MyTEAM New Moments Challenges Out This Week

Finally! Thank you NBA 2K17 for releasing new MyTEAM Moments Challenges this week. This is such a great opportunity for gamers to earn decent MT. In these four challenges you can potentially earn a total of 39,500 MT.

Moments: John Wall - 10K MT
You are rewarded 10K MT if you are able to win the game and match John Wall's 52-point game vs. the Magic while using any John Wall card plus two additional Wizard player cards. For those of you that own a John Wall card, go after this challenge ASAP!

Moments: Andre Drummond - 7,500 MT
This challenge is a difficult one and should be a 10K MT reward. NBA 2K has only given us 5 minute quarters to crash the boards for 20 using Andre Drummond. You'll have to play two other Pistons players too...oh and win the game.

It took me two tries to mark this one complete. My recommendation is to play Drummond in all 20 minutes of the game or until he reaches 20 rebounds. You have to play him manually to get the best inside position for those boards. Be aware of the 3-second rule when camping near the rim.

At one point I was even thinking about intentionally going to OT just to get the additonal minutes but luckily I was able to grab that final 20th rebound late in the 4th quarter and immediately take Drummond out of the game. The biggest challenge for me was to not only grab those needed 20 boards but to also keep the lead close enough to force an OT if needed.

Moments: Droppin' 50 Terrence Ross - 10K MT
You can earn another 10K MT in this particular challenge. You would have to win the game and match Ross's 51-point game vs. the Clippers. The unique lineup restriction is you have to use a Droppin' 50 Terrence Ross player card. If you don't already have this card, you will lose more than you profit just to be eligible for this challenge. Good luck with that.

Moments: Klay Thompson - 12K MT
Now, with this challenge you are in luck. Win the game, score 60 with Klay and use two other Warriors players. I can safely say that most of you already have Klay's current emerald card because you've pulled him 300 times in League packs and you're most likely using him for the dynamic duo attribute ratings boost along side Curry.

I was like white on rice for this 12K MT challenge. I exhausted Klay in all four 10-minute quarters playing most minutes with him. Luckily I was able to score 62 using an exasperated Klay and win the game on my first attempt. I used all 12K MT in the auction house. I spent no more than 500 MT on fished cards which means I was able to add over 25 new cards to my collection. Some of you will go the more entertaining route and entrust your MT in the pack Gods or maybe snag several big gem players in the auction house. I guess it all depends on what your objective is in MyTEAM.

Good luck with these challenges fellow gamers! Let us know is you agree that MyTEAM should release new Moments Challenges more often.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Just One More Challenge Token For Ruby Michael Cooper (87)

Once I get my hands on this Ruby Michael Cooper rewards card, he'll definitely be the best card at that SG position. Playing him will upgrade my starters to an improved sapphire-less squad. I just hope the next set of challenges aren't too difficult. It sucks having to purchase contracts when you've gotten so close to meeting a challenge.

As I watch YouTubers pull high gem cards from box packs, I can't help but to think how they're able to collect so many MyTEAM cards so quickly. I mean, some vloggers already have 1600 cards to their collection. Crazy. As of this morning I proudly have 646 cards and that's with limited gaming time. Most of my MyTEAM cards I own have been purchased from the auction house at bargain MT while others I've earned as rewards or have gotten from packs.

I digress, this Ruby Cooper card will be fun to play with for sure. Click below to see his attributes courtesy of 2KMT Central.

Ruby Michael Cooper Rewards Card 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NBA 2K17 Rewards You with a Moments Card If You Predict a Player's Big Game Stats

Moments cards have always been a favorite for me in MyTEAM. Like I've mentioned in my last post, I was lucky enough to get my first big gem Moments card from a League pack opening.

Now NBA 2K17 is rewarding gamers with a Moments card of the player they predict will have a big game. All you have to do is tag the NBA players twitter handle and post multiple stats (i.e. 28 PTS, 10 AST, 8 REB) when making your predictions. Be sure to use #2KMoment on your post.

Check out this winner's tweet. Great Moments card BTW...
Follow NBA2K_MyTEAM for more information.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Ruby Moments Damian Lillard - My First Ruby Pull!

You have to believe me when I say I have the worst luck with MyTEAM packs. It's only fitting that the biggest card I've pulled before this one was a Sapphire Moments Damian Lillard. All other big gem cards I own were either purchased from the auction house or earned as game rewards.

This Ruby Moments Damian Lillard card completes my player collection for him as I have his current Emerald card too. He will definitely replace Curry as my starting PG which only makes my bench that much deeper. I'm still hoping to snag Curry's Ruby Moments card. Fingers crossed!

In the past I used to outline player card attributes/tendencies ratings but 2KMT Central has done all the homework for me. This is no plug, but their website is a great NBA 2K17 Card Collection database resource. From now on, I am going to simply include a link to 2KMT Central's player attributes pages. It just makes my job a lot easier.

For Ruby Moments Damian Lillard attributes click HERE.

This card captures Damian's unbelievable game on Nov. 23rd where he scored 40 points, dished out 11 assists and grabbed 7 rebounds. Not bad for a point guard. In case you missed the game, here are the highlights...

Monday, November 21, 2016

My First Ruby Card - Ruby Charles Oakley!

Man, playing on a budget REALLY makes you appreciate hard earned cards. In this case, it's my first Ruby card - Ruby Charles Oakley.

I'm actually pretty stoked about this card. It's been on my radar for a while now and having climbed from 450 to 550 cards in my collection levels just to get it was worth the ride. It was exhausting but I'm finally rewarded for my endless nights collecting MT.

Its no secret, Oakley was known for being physical. Here's a clip when he and Barkley got into it...

This card is a beauty as it elevated my elite lineup's overall team defense to 99.

I'm not going to lie, I did spend $10 on VC this month to help purchase contracts and league packs in hopes I magically get the Ruby Curry Moments card. Needless to say, I'm happy with my Sapphire Curry.

Here are the standout attributes/tendencies ratings:
  • Standing Layup: 94
  • Shot Close: 90
  • Boxout: 90
  • Offensive Rebound: 88
  • Defensive Rebound: 92
  • Pass Perception: 90
  • Defensive Consistency: 95
  • On-Ball Defensive IQ: 92
  • Pick and Roll Defense IQ: 95
  • Help Defense IQ: 96
  • Low Post Defense IQ: 95
  • Strength: 90
  • Hustle: 98
  • Take Charge Tendency: 90
  • Hard Foul Tendency: 99
If you use this card often let me know how he plays for you.

Monday, November 14, 2016

NBA 2K17 Releases Ruby Russell Westbrook Moments Card

These Moments cards keep getting better and better. NBA 2K17 has now released their 4th ruby Moments card - an overall 89 Russell Westbrook.

This one is a definite doozy as it comes straight from his most recent triple-double game on Nov. 13th against the Magic - 41-pts; 16-asts; 12-rebs. Crazy numbers.

If you missed the game here are the highlights courtesy of the NBA YouTube channel...

The one Westbrook card I have and still use is his current overall 83 emerald card. He's tucked away deep in my bench, surprising my competition with his 98 speed, 97 speed w/ ball and 96 acceleration ratings.

But don't get me wrong, I would love to get my hands on this latest NBA 2K17 gem. Check out these eye-catching ruby card attribute ratings (+ Rating difference in comparison to sapphire Westbrook):
  • Standing Layup: 90
  • Driving Layup: 90
  • Draw Foul: 90 (+15)
  • Contested Shot Mid-Range: 82 (+12)
  • Open Shot Mid-Range: 84 (+6)
  • Off Dribble Shot Mid-Range: 80 (+6)
  • Passing Vision: 95 (+6)
  • Passing Accuracy: 90 (+8)
  • Speed: 98
  • Speed With Ball: 97
  • Acceleration: 96
  • Stamina: 98
  • Hustle: 98
  • Offensive Consistency: 95
What do you think? Is this new Moments ruby Westbrook worth getting off the market for 80K MT?

Saturday, November 12, 2016

MyTeam Card Collection Checklists Are Here!


Check out our NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Checklists by following the link just below: 

Download Checklists

These checklists will save you lots of time as you search for needed cards in the auction house and fiddle around with game plan defensive settings until you find your defensive preference.

We won't be creating checklists for player cards since they can easily be searched directly from your MyTEAM Collection library. BTW - Why doesn't NBA 2K enable this feature for all cards?

We will be updating this post as we release new checklists and/or update existing forms. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Ruby Steph Curry Moments Card!

So this happened...NBA 2K17 just released the Ruby Steph Curry Moments card after his NBA record-breaking 13 three-pointers in a single game.

The poor Pelicans fell victim to Curry's big redemption game. This coming from his horrific performance against the Lakers where he went 0-10 behind the arc.

If you missed Curry's unbelievable theatrics here are the highlights...

Now, do you really need this card? You most likely already have his sapphire card and you're probably choosing the Curry/Thompson dynamic duo lineup to get the attributes rating boosts.

Before you go nuts on League packs check out these numbers. Here is where the new ruby Curry shines vs his sapphire counterpart. I'm also adding Curry/Thompson dynamic duo (DD) attributes rating boosts:
  • Standing Layup: 94 (+6)
  • Driving Layup: 95 (+10)
  • Draw Foul: 92 (+9)
  • Shot Choice: 89 (+2)
  • Contested Shot Mid-Range: 82 (+9)
  • Open Shot Mid-Range: 88 (+3)
  • Contested Shot Three: 95 (+5)
  • Open Shot Three: 96 (+6)
  • Off Dribble Shot Three: 95 (+5)
  • Speed: 85 (+4)
  • Speed With Ball: 92 (+7)
  • Shot IQ: 95 (+8)
  • Offensive Consistency: 95 (+5)
Sapphire Curry with DD Attributes Rating Boosts:
  • Contested Shot Mid-Range: 78 (+5)
  • Contested Shot Three: 92 (+2)
  • Open Shot Three: 92 (+2)
  • Off Dribble Shot Three: 92 (+2)
  • Free Throw: 90 (+8)
  • Passing Vision: 75 (+5)
  • Pass Perception: 90 (+3)
  • Shot Contest: 78 (+4)
  • Help Defensive IQ: 75 (+5)
You be the judge. I say absolutely! Look at the +6 you're getting just with the open shot three attribute.

I hope this info helps with your decision-making. If you're one of the lucky ones to have already gotten the Ruby Curry let us know how the card plays in the comments section just below.

Monday, November 7, 2016

MyTEAM - A cheap consumable that can help build your card collection

For those dads out there gaming on a budget like myself, finding cheap ways to build your MyTeam card collection without breaking the bank on VC or aftermarket MT is a must.

If you're anything like me, the excitement of inching your way closer to that Pink Diamond "G.O.A.T." Kobe card is why we bargain hunt for cheap cards.

I've found a quick solution - shoes! You can find many shoes at the auction house at the minimum 250 MT price tag. Keep in mind, having duplicate shoes doesn't help your card collection. Your shoe cards have to be unique for it to count so be extra cautious when shopping.

This can be a bit tedious so find your own effective approach. I personally take a screenshot of each shoe group from my collection to reference back to when shopping. Define your search in the auction house for that specific shoe group at the 250 MT minimum/maximum buyout. Remember, do not duplicate your purchases! You spend all that precious time gaming to earn MT so be wise when spending it. Stretch out your MT as much as you possibly can.

In theory, you can do this for any card you desire HOWEVER, shoes are the only consumables that count toward your card collection. Don't waste your MT on any other consumable card unless you absolutely need it.

Make sure to download our checklists to help build your card collection more efficiently. Click below to see the related post:

MyTEAM Card Collection Checklists

If you have a quick and cheap way to earn MT please share in the comments section below.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

NBA 2K Covers Throughout The Years


My NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Designs

In recent titles, NBA 2K elevated their game by giving players the creative freedom to customize their team's court, team logo, and jerseys.

Any graphic designer/gamer absolutely loves this option. Kudos to the NBA 2K team for giving us this option.

Check out my new design for NBA 2K17 above. With last years title, I couldn't afford to pick up Steph Curry in the auction blocks and I didn't have any luck picking him in packs so I made it a personal mission to pick him up early. Mission completed.

I snagged him early in the auction house for $10K MT and pretty much designed my entire MyTeam around him - hence the Anaheim Splashers team name.

I used "Nothing But Wet" and "Splash Zone" for the court trim text and designed a basketball splashing in water for the team logo. I kept it in theme by using the letters "WET" as my teams abbreviation.

Also, I designed the arena logo, "3 Point Drains".

So it begins, new blog, new post

It begins. Our first post under the new blog site.

So, as explained in our About Us page, we've retired the old blog and started a new one - under the same name.

This time we're talking about our unique experiences playing the greatest basketball video game franchise in the world - NBA 2K. It only made sense, having played since 2K's debut for the Sega Dreamcast gaming console back in 2000.

Being huge Los Angeles Lakers fans growing up, we needed a platform to live in the shoes of our favorite Laker players. Whether it was out on the blacktop courts or playing video games, we all found ourselves sinking game winning buzzer beaters just like Magic and Kobe did.

We hope you enjoy the ride like we will.