Saturday, July 15, 2017

Online Gameplay Against Big C Richy

Recently I was matched up in MyTEAM Online against one of my favorite NBA 2K YouTubers, Big C Richy. Big C Richy posts great videos of different teams and players and they're fun to watch. Be sure to subscribe to his channel below.

Big C Richy's YouTube Channel

He used his God Squad and I used my All-Time Lakers Squad. When you play against gamers of his caliber your game is naturally elevated which was the case here.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Single Pack Pull Diamond Rudy Gobert

Still getting lucky this late in the game. Last night I pulled overall 95 diamond Rudy Gobert from a single Playoffs pack. This is officially my first diamond pull from a single pack.

I'm selling him for 28K MT in the auction house. Get him for cheap while you still can.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Online Gameplay: Kareem's Perfect Game Spoiled by OT Thriller

In this game, I was able to go 13-13 (26-points) with Kareem. All of his skyhook attempts were perfect green beams. Great game spoiled by an OT thriller against a solid opponent.

If you don't have Kareem in your lineup, you're missing out. Master his online skyhook (timing of offline skyhook is completely different) and you will dominate the online leagues! Enjoy the video.

Music credit: "Asian Strings" and "Space Beats" Composed by Ezra Garcia.